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Jan 25, 2010 3:30am EST
mcconnell. the political landscape and the obama agenda, with us e.j. dionne, bbc world news america katty kay, peggy noonan and nbc news white house correspondent chuck todd. in our "meet the press" minute, january 1976, another time of economic turmoil presidential candidate senator lloyd benson offers practical advice to then president gerald ford on his upcoming state of the union address. >> we should be creating opportunity, what the people are looking for in this country is return of self confidence. >>> first, senior white house adviser jalry jarrett. welcome back to the program, to "meet the press." >> thank you. it's a pleasure to be here. >> there is news that i wanted to ask you about. osama bin dad laden has cut another video, is that his voice and is it striking that he appears back in charge of calling the the shots on running operations for al qaeda? >> we have no independent confirmation that that is his voice but let's look at it. the fact of the matter is he is a murderer, has attacked americans and he has killed more muslims than any other group in the region. the
Jan 17, 2010 2:00pm EST
of haiti and the world. in these difficult hours, america stands united. we stand united with the people of haiti, who have shown such resilience and we'll help them to recover and to rebuild. >> after their meeting with president obama, the two former presidents agreed to "meet the press" in a joint interview about haiti and only haiti. >> let me start asking you, president bush, what is your biggest concern right now? >> my biggest concern is the haitian people have security, water and food. >> those are big ifs right now. >> well, they are. the president briefed us about military efforts to get food and water to the people and surging a lot of material, it's going to take a little time to get it there. but i came away from the briefing confident it's going to happen. >> president clinton, the basics are so important. >> this is about water, food, medical supplies and care, and shelt, secure shelter. i have protection concerns but we were just told in the briefing that 40% of the haitian police force has signed back in, volunteered for duty. a lot of them don't have weapons or u
Jan 4, 2010 3:30am EST
for america. >> we are joined now live by the president's top counterterrorism adviser john brennan. welcome to "meet the press." >> thank you, david. >> this president's directive to close the embassies because of specific intelligence that an attack is coming? >>yes, there are indication that's al qaeda is planning to carry out an attack in the capital of yemen. i spoke to our ambassador down there. both the british and u.s. embassies have closed to give the yemeni government a chance to thwart that threat and the plans that are afoot right now. >> a threat against our embassy? >> we know they've been targeting our embassy or embassy personnel, and we want to do everything possible to safeguard our diplomats and others that are down there. that was the prudent step to take. >> the president talking about al qaeda in yemen. is yemen a new front in this battle against al qaeda? >> no, it's not a new front. we've known about it for quite some time. from the very first day of this administration, and even the last administration, there's been tremendous focus on yemen. i traveled to y
Jan 10, 2010 10:30am EST
conversations have no place today in america. this term, this you know, like he's going to pass, for example, for white america because he's you know, got this negro die alikt, that's language that harken back to the 1950s and 60s and confirms to me a mind-set out of step with where america is. but i can assure you if i had as national chairman said that well, it's all behind us and he's apologized let's move on, no one would be accepting that. there has to be a consequence here if the standard is the one that was set in 2002 with trent lott. >> is the consequence that senator reid should step down? >> i believe it is. whether he steps down today or i retire him in november either way he will not be the leader in 2011. >> governor kaine. >> well, first, the senator said i mean, chairman steel said earlier that the republicans were not going to win it back so leader reid is going to be the leader. anybody looking at trent lott's statements praising somebody who had been a pro segregation candidate for president will see that there is no comparison between those comments and those of s
Jan 31, 2010 2:00pm EST
-- it's a fundamental difference here. and most of america has already said no to this big government takeover. >> so you don't want government in charge of health care yet you're in support of portable health insurance, to take health insurance across state lines. i thought the republicans were states rights guys. you would have to have some federal regulatory agency to monitor that, wouldn't you? >> no, you wouldn't have to. the american people ought to buy health insurance across state line, where they get the policy they need for themselves and their family at the best price. >> there wouldn't have to be some federal system to -- >> that's the point. the president said i'm for that but there has to be some bureaucrat here in washington that needs to make sure that this is done fairly. the american people are smart enough to do this on their own. >> let me ask you about health care. is it dead? >> no. we've seen all week speaker pelosi, majority leader reid continuing to scheme and plot trying to find some way to get their big government takeover of health care enacted. so, i do th
Jan 17, 2010 10:00am EST
america has a continued responsibility to act. >> what sort of long term commitment in haiti does the president envision? what will it take in money and manpower to rebuild this island nation? how was haiti left so vulnerable to a disaster for so long? we'll get the latest on the situation from officials on the ground, then, we sit down with former presidents bush and clinton, who joined together at the request of president obama to lead fundraising and relief efforts. >> our job is remind people there is an ongoing need. we'll do that. >> then, as president obama completes his first year in office we take an in-depth look at what he accomplished and how the american people view his presidency thus far. health care, the economy and politics as the president risks his own political capital to assure senator ted kennedy' seat stays in the democratic column. analysis from two insiders, former counsel to george w. bush karen hughes and staff to president bill clinton, john podesta. and two long time washington reporter, "time" magazine's mark halperin co-author of "game change" and bob wo
Jan 3, 2010 2:00pm EST
explosives, and directed them to attack that plane headed for america z we are joined now live by the president's top counterterrorism adviser. welcome to "meet the press." >> thank you. >> is it because of specific intelligence that says that an attack is coming? >> yes. there are and i spoke with the ambassador down there and the british embassy and it will give the government an opportunity to thwart that threat. >> it's the threat that we know that they have been tash getting and safeguard and the president talking about al qaeda in yemen. is yemen a new front in this battle against al qaeda? >> no, we have known about it in this administration and even in the last administration there has been focus on yemen. i've traveled there twice throughout the the last several months. we have been focused on this issue. we need to make sure that we provide the training there are several al qaeda members inside of yemen and the fight is being taken to them. events during the last month demonstrated the government resolved -- providing a range of support for intelligence to the yemen governme
Jan 10, 2010 10:00am EST
things onhe table thaturne america f. th questn isn't whether or nothe replins takehe houseack. 's whether onot the demoats n keep it. d right now ty cat. >>et me jus be clear here. hold on. chrman, do you think republans will rein conol of coress? >> abluly. soluly. the te we're goingnow, t groundame we're pting in place we absutely c takehe congre back thiyear the ll not b a60eat majority forheemocrats ce january xtyear there' parod that's gngo be cated and theepublicans are going treate that >> david, let me goaco what chrman stle said. he sai t replins we not in to te coness d h said why. it's bause they ar not rdy to lead. we s that o and overagain, a plosophthat says n to evything. th stas by and watches an ecomy fe fall. >>old on i want tontje specific issues and hav morearged respons. you'll hr om governor arnold scarzeggern aew minus, vernoraine. he was an early support of the noti ofealth care form, thwhite use s relying on him. ss tha the bdenhat healthare reform that's comg wn the pike wl te the burden it plas states is onous, that it'ski to beatg up on a state like cal
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)